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Cooling Reserve

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Purchased in 1989 with the aid of a grant from the then 'Nature Conservancy Council' and covering an area of 179 acres, this site lies on the northern most tip of the North Kent Marshes where it meets the
southern shore of the Thames Estuary.

The reserve consists of fresh water grazing marshes intersected by numerous water filled ditches some recently dug for drainage purposes, others originating as channels when the sea ran over the area many hundreds of years ago.
Much of the area is designated a Site Of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a RAMSAR site, and a Special Protection Area (SPA). It is an invaluable site especially for breeding waders such as Lapwings, Redshank and more recently Avocets.

The reserve is managed for the many species of Birds, Mammals, Amphibians, Fish, Invertebrates and Flora that thrive there.
Over the past 20 years 115 species of birds have been recorded, 19 species
of mammals, 5 freshwater fish, 172 plants and numerous species of insects.

Wildlife photos: Lyn Gough

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