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Motney Reserve

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Wild Spaces Fund acquired the Motney Hill Reserve in 2007. Along with more recent purchases, the site, close to Rainham and Gillingham, now consists of 75 acres of prime marshland, reed bed and seawall.

Its reed bed is probably the largest within the Medway Estuary. In total, the Wild Spaces Fund controls 11% of all reed beds in Kent, and as such makes a major contribution to safeguarding this fragile and scarce habitat.

Motney Hill Marshes form an integral part of the Medway Estuary and Marshes SSSI, SPA and RAMSAR site.

There is a wide diversity of wildlife due to the differing habitats on site. The reed beds, fresh marshes, ditch systems, woodland, seawall and mudflats support a variety of breeding birds, with marsh harrier and bearded tit the most notable species to occur.

Its prolific ditch system hosts a large population of water voles.


Wildlife photos: Lyn Gough

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